Registering a municipality for PEDALACIDADE 2018


All municipalities worldwide – whether a city, town, community or rural district/region – are invited to get involved in the PEDALACIDADE campaign.

While a local council resolution or suchlike is not necessary for participation/registration, approval must at least be obtained from the municipality, e.g. the (lord) mayor, local authorities, etc.

Every municipality must have at least one local contact for PEDALACIDADE whose details must be provided during registration.

Period during which PEDALACIDADE can take place in municipalities on 21 consecutive days: 1 May to 30 September every year

Registration deadline:
Climate Alliance will accept registrations up to and including September as long as there is still time for 21 consecutive PEDALACIDADE days.

Registration for PEDALACIDADE 2018

Please use the green button below to register a municipality worldwide.